Read between the lines

We live in an era where people say something and mean something completely different. To top of it, there are things that they want to stay; however, they dont say it. Rather expect the other person to get it. They call it, “Read between the lines”.

As if our lives are super sorted and there is no sign of any messiness, god bestows us with so many people of this kind. Well, the literal meaning of read between the lines is “to infer something (from something else); to try to understand what is meant by something that is not written explicitly or openly”. But WHY, what is the need of it. Why can’t we be vocal about the things that we want to stay? Just SPEAK UP. Bonus of this would be less of misunderstanding and clarity in lives. Less expectation, less issues inturn less arguments. Just imagine the world with fewer issues.

But, I know this isn’t possible. Cause of so many things such as insecurities, fear of being misunderstood, offending someone and what not. Anyways, these days, it’s way too easy to offend someone than to impress someone. Just pick a thing that the other person is sensitive about and pass a lame comment. BOOM! you have offended the other person. Gone are those days when to be offensive the thing should be politics, religion or family related. Now, it can be anything, literally anything. Coming back to the point, I would love to be in the world where inference is only used in science practicals and not in day to day life. It takes so much of time and energy to think about the things someone said to you long back and figure out what that actually meant. Trust me nobody has that much of free time to ponder over things.